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Military Odyssey
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Military Odyssey

A three-day multi-period living history held on the August Bank Holiday weekend at the Detling Show Ground in Kent. The show is packed full of living history displays bringing two thousand years of history into one place.

Visitors to Military Odyssey will find something for everyone!

Catch up with friends while watching the incredible action-packed battle re-enactments – not just a group of people running around playing soldiers. Our battle enactments are full-scale and choreographed, giving you a taste of the action at the Front!

Get close to the action from within a safe vehicle-free zone and enjoy full-scale choreographed battle re-enactments that give you a taste of the action at the Front!

Living History scenes & live action displays will provide a unique picture of life in conflict with depictions from ancient history to modern-day warfare. See the British living in trenches, GIs in Vietnam, Russians relaxing with an accordion after a hard day in battle, or Germans plotting their next moves! Military vehicles are on display too from around the world, representing the armies from the last two thousand years of warfare. Look out for tanks, artillery, armoured and amphibious vehicles, cars, Jeeps, bicycles and motorbikes, emergency, and commercial vehicles – and lots more.

Trade stalls will allow collectors and shoppers to browse through marquees packed full of treasures, including militaria, antiquities, vehicle parts, books, memorabilia, clothing, uniforms, and all manner of essential finds for the discerning enthusiast – everything from a shirt button to a tank! An extensive display of some top-class models will be on display for the modellers, bringing enthusiasts from around the world. Craftsmen are always willing to share their knowledge and experience.

For those who want a little more glamour or a welcome break from the 'sea of green', people and vehicles can head to the beer hall for free daytime entertainment, from the 1940s and 1950s. You can even learn how to Jive from the simple lessons offered by professional dancers to get you in the mood for the big night ahead.

You can find out more about 'What's On' everywhere by getting a copy of the Military Odyssey Souvenir Programme or listening out for special announcements.

Evening entertainment for those staying onsite will include nightly music from across the generations.

You will need wristband passes to access the evening entertainment.

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