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World War 1 similarly recognized as the First World War or the Great War, was started on June 28, 1914, subsequently the slaying of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by the South Slav Nationalist, who was known as Gavrilo Princip. After Archduke was assassinated, his death catapulted into the war that was experienced across Europe and lasted till 1918. World War 1 marked the deadliest conflicts ever experienced in the history of the world. At the same time, millions of soldiers were killed in combat, millions of civilians died from disease, hunger, bombardment, and occupation. The massacres executed by the Ottomans and the Spanish flu in the 1918 plague, which the fighters enhanced through the war, supplemented millions of losses in the world. The Allies attained World War 1 afterwards four years of battling with the Central Powers by signing the Treaty of Versailles, which acted as the harmony agreement culminating World War 1. The war military technologies and the trench warfare horrors were unmatched in the levels of carnage, destruction, and slaughter they caused. World War 1 caused the deaths of 8.5 million soldiers due to them experiencing disease and battle wounds to which they succumbed, and 13 million civilians also met their demise during the war. World War 1 was an international conflict that comprised various nations of the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and other states. The war was pitted by the Central Powers, Germany, Turkey, Austria-Hungary, and the Allies, who comprised France, Russia, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, and the United States, who joined in 1917.

World War 1 marked the highest number of deaths, both of soldiers and civilians, than any other previous war that was experienced globally, with more than 16 million deaths recorded. World War 1 took place when the revolution had started with new technologies and styles incorporated in the war causing higher causalities and destruction. During the war, the United States appeared as a superpower country through the conflicts heralds that led to the rise of enrolment, the quantity occurrence of propaganda, the National security state, and the FBI, which accelerated the income of taxes and urbanization, making America the economy dominant and military power in the world. Due to this development, the United States appeared as the superpower with new technology that made World War 1 welfare deadlier than before its joining. World War 1 saw significant changes in the domain, which directed to the Russian uprising, the breakdown of the German empire, the fall of the Hapsburg Monarchy, leading to the reformation of the political mandate in Europe and other regions in the globe, precisely the Middle East. Due to World War 1, four glorious empires, the Habsburgs of Austria Hungary, the Hohenzollerns of Germany, the Sultanate of the Ottoman Empire, and the Romanovs of Russia, buckled as a war, outcome drastically changing the map of Europe endlessly. The indicate Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and the weakening of European civic left the foundation for the onset of World War II.
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